an alumnus of the culinary institute of america living and working in nashville, tennessee since 1995.  

the path taken to nashville started in new york city and includes washington, dc and san francisco.  my husband and i moved to nashville to raise our two daughters.  for the last 25 years, i have held the title of pastry chef but have always had a fascination with photography.  

in 2007, my first cookbook, Sky High, was released.  the process of writing and testing the recipes took more than 6 months.  when it came time to photograph the cakes, i was lucky to be included in the week long shoot.  it was a pleasure to watch photographer tina rupp and food stylist alison attenborough work and a priveledge to provide minor technical assistance.  in 2011, my second book, Desserts from the famous Loveless Cafe, was released.  this time, karen mordechai shot the photos but i had the task of producing all of the food!  it was fascinating to take part in the process and i learned a lot about preparing food for photographs.  to round it all out, i have taken multiple classes on digital photography at watkins college of art, design and film.

if you can't find me in the kitchen, chances are i am in the garden and more than likely, i have a camera with me and a cat following me.